CompuServe Shut Down After 30 Years

"CompuServe Requiem"

"CompuServe Requiem"

It is amazing to think that the original CompuServe service was first offered in 1979 before dominating online services for more than a decade.   Now, according to various sources, the service is being completely shut down by AOL, its current owner.

Apart from the actual service, I remember the almost weekly floppy disks (and later CD-ROMS) that use to regularly make it into our mailbox with the latest trial offers .  How times have changed.

According to basex blog, “CompuServe users will be able to use their existing CompuServe Classic (as the service was renamed) addresses at no charge via a new e-mail system, but the software that the service was built on, along with all the features supported by that service, from forums for virtually every topic and profession known to man to members’ Ourworld Web pages, has been shut down. Indeed, the current version of the service’s client software, CompuServe for Windows NT 4.0.2, dates back to 1999.”

Joost Kills its Consumer Service

As Good as Dead

On Path to Irrelevance

Joost, the Internet TV service created by the legendary Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, has announced it is dropping its consumer service offering together with about 80% of its employees, including CEO Mike Volpi.  The company had already discontinued the Joost application in favour of a website-only streaming model last year.

The latest announcement marks a sour end to the high profile project that seemed to have all the right ingredients to challenge YouTube for online video supremacy.   Although Joost hopes to continue to exist as a white-label video hosting platform, Om Malik points out that is a “cowded market littered with the carcasses of other failed video hosts.”

In any case, it is truly remarkable how a company can go from being the undisputed next big thing to complete irrelevance in less than 2 years.